Cossack's Comrades



Time to pump some new life into this site. And I can't think of that than the latest installment of Dive's Inferno, Canto IX: Fraud!

Dante reunites with Beatrice in the second-to-last circle of Hell! But the good news ends there, as the full nature of Dante's sins comes to light, threatening the salvation of everything he's fighting for! Has Dante dicked himself in a corner? Only one way to know!

-St. Diveman


Is this happening? An update less than a month after the previous one? How could this possibly happen? Anyways, we have an amazing epilogue written by Hunter.

A member of the Fatal Five has become an author and is looking to the Comrades to help with crowd control. Find out how that goes in The Book Signing ... of DOOM !



Wow, it's been a while. Anyways, have a new epilogue for all of you.

It's called Scrapheap Soundtrack. I hope you enjoy it.



You'd be forgiven if you thought that last lull in activity was our deathnote. But not today! For a while, we were basically locked out of our own site. But it's nothing that we couldn't overcome.

We have a new adventure staring our favorite sinner ready for your reading pleasure: Canto VIII: Violence! Is Dante ready to face the most bloodthirsty sinners in creation? Or more accurately, are they ready for him?

-St. Diveman


There's no better way to welcome the new month with a new ep! But rather let Diveman hog all the limelight, as usual, it's time to let the rest of the team shine!

There's a dark and twisted mystery afoot. And only Ringman can get to the bottom of it! Namely, why would anyone steal Crorq's lunch? All these answers and more will be revealed in...DETECTIVE RING IN ... THE CASE OF THE MISSING SPLEEN

-St. Diveman


Normally, this'd be the part when we'd sit on our duffers and stop updating for another five-six months. Not this time! We've found our stride, and we're gonna stick with it!

The next installment's of Dive's Inferno is open for business. Dante and Virgil have narrowly escaped from the infuriating Phlegyas. But are they any safer in the Tombs of Heresey? There's only one way to find out!

Also, you may've noticed our site experiencing technical difficulties a few weeks ago. That was all my fault. I had just got Dreamweaver. But I didn't really know how to use it responsibly and made some...disasterous edits to the site. Everything should be in order now. But drop a line at our forum if something's still amiss.

-St. Diveman


Wow, nearly a year without an update. That's got to be a new record. Well, it's time to break that winning streak and start turning those dusty old wheels again.

I could (and probably should) bring back another long-lost classic from the sands of time. But I'd rather bring something new to the table. Like the latest chapter of Dive's Inferno. Our noble hero venturing into very breeding ground of wrath and anger? I'm sure this can only end well. You know want to see how this plays out. Give it a peek!

-St. Diveman


Well, look at that. I CAN keep a schedule after all! Day of the Tentacle is back to life. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy, don't it?

...Well, that's not entirely true, either. We've got a few old unreleased eps that need to see the light of day. Guess what's next on my chopping block? Stick around, folks!

-St. Diveman


Once again, the past comes alive tonight! Rebel's (aka our longest running and most venerable Ringman) opus Incredible Home Makeover Parts 1 and 2 live again in our Alpha Season archives (Season 2). With this, now all of Season 2 has been restored to its former glory! It feels good to get that one back; I thought that classic was a goner when our old site died.

But it's too early to break out the champagne for yours truly. I've still got more long-lost eps to restore, and an epic to finish. That all and more is on its way!

-St. Diveman


Well, we just barely got a second epilogue out before the end of the month. Mostly my fault on that part. But we do have a really appropriate for Halloween epilogue.

It's called The Freakiest of Fridays and you should check it out as soon as you have a moment.



Yowza. It's hard to believe we let a month go by with nothing to show for it. But y'all know how it is. Between Gradschool, my job, and other RL commitments, (including the Mechs Meet), my attention has been focused elsewhere. Well, not tonight!

As you all know, some of our eps have been missing ever since our team got back on its feet. Well tonight, one of them has been re-added to our saga! A Skeleton in Reg's Closet! is back on our site, where it belongs! There are actually more eps that were recovered and that I would've wanted to add tonight. But our file manager isn't being particularly cooperative tonight. And this is all I could get up for now. But as soon as our file manager is firing on all cylinders again, we'll have more long-lost eps back in no time! Special thanks to our old pal Reg for thinking ahead and having a copy on his hard drive!

-St. Diveman


Sorry for not getting this out a couple of days ago, but there is a new epilogue available here that was written by myself.

Here is a fun game to play. What characters that survive the epilogue they were introduced in this season don't make an appearance in the above epilogue?

Anyways, hopefully will be sending you another message soon.



Huh, what am I doing here? There is a new epilogue called It's a B-Movie Show!by AM, our resident Drill Man talking about an alien invasion in the small town of Nilbog? That sounds vitally important.

Someone should announce that... Wait...

Tune in next week for our continuing misadventures... well assuming we survived the epilogue AM wrote.



What better way to start off the week than a brand new Comrades ep? I give you, Haunting at Skull Castle, straight from the mind of our very own Ring Man, Cyros himself! Things are going bump in the night at one of Wily's old castles. And who better to sweep it up than the Comrades?

Be sure to tune in next week to see what those silly Comrades are up to next time!

-St. Diveman


Our favorite dysfunctional band of Ruskies are at it again! And now, they face their greatest challenge so far in Stranger From The Realms! It's a battle of wills, wits and sanity against an extradimensional weaver of fate. But the real question is, who's out of who's league here?

And make no mistake, there's still plenty more eps where this came from. And several more in the works! Take it from me, as God as my witness, we ain't going nowhere!

-St. Diveman


Greetings, legions of the living!  It is I, your UNDEAD QUEEN, bringing with me from the netherworld a relic from a bygone age... an age when these so-called "Megaman teams" still prospered.  I'm speaking, of course, of THE ASCENDANT ANDROIDS!

You may remember them as the ill-fated MM5 team.  And I can assure you that the team is still dead, but at the least, we are, like, displaying its mummified remains with utmost dignity for all to see, or something.  This is the layout I made in a previous life for their would-be revival in 2008-09... a life spent with a helicopter rotor thingy sticking out of my back (oh, and St. Diveman here was Napalm there~).

This version of the site was never quite completed, so there are missing bits and rough edges here and there, but I tried to get together all the content I still had nonetheless.  There's even some that's never been seen by the public!  A good deal of it, even~

You can find the Ascendant Androids Nostalgia Page in our "Other" section.  You know, if just clicking that link up there is too "cheap" and "easy" ^o^



Our favorite sinner is at it again! Dante and Virgil continue their descent into hell and debauchery in the Fifth Canto: Greed. Dante alone with all the treasure in all of creation? You do the math.

I got a few blasts from the past planned for next weeks update. So stay tuned, now!

-St. Diveman


I promised y'all a new ep. And I intend to deliver! Behold, Cool Toad! Toadman now thinks he's all that and a bag of chips. I'm sure this will only be a good thing!

Next item on my list: to get off my ass and wrap up the next Canto of Dive's Inferno. Everyone has their ruts. But over a year is pushing it.

-St. Diveman


Alright, that's the last of them! All four of the Alpha seasons have been restored and brought back to their former glory. I think I even added a few that weren't there before. Don't believe me? Ask our narrator! Now it feels like we're truly back and firing on all cylinders! And it was a stroll down memory lane.

Now I can focus on adding new eps. We'll have one ready for your viewing pleasure by the end of the week, with more to come!

Of course, if I missed or goofed a few spots, don't be shy to tell us in our forum, and I'll fix it lickety-split!

-St. Diveman


I didn't think I'd take this long to check in with a new update. But when moving from Maryland to Wisconsin tends to eat up lots of time. That being said, I've still been hard at work.

First off, the first two seasons of our old eps have been resprited. Now more than half our vintage eps got their old charm back! And good thing too; some of those sprites are gonna come in handy for Dive's Inferno.

But I do have a new ep for you, this time, courtesy of Hunter. It focuses on the events of Ep 4, from the perspective from an introverted walking talking, mortar. And that's for starters. We'll have a new ep for you ready by next week.

In the meantime, I'll keep work on bringing our old eps back to life, starting with Season 3. Keep watching them!

-St. Diveman


Just a minor update, this time. But I've been hard at work plugging in some of the missing sprites in our old Alpha Series eps. Some of the eps I've tackled include Team Building, Krypto's Assault, Fist Full of Gemstones, Buyer Beware, and Fiendish Fallacy. By now, all these eps should have sprites for everyone in them. I had to improvise for some of these guys since their sprites are lost to the sands of time (like Rubia and Diam). But they should do the job all the same.

But my work's far from done. I still got the whole Alpha series ahead of me. And I'll keep plugging away at it, little by little. I'll let you know which eps I've hit.

-St. Diveman


Hey folks! Remember us? It's been five months now, and I think we owe our loyal audience a little something, don't you? Avi just magicked up a cheeky little ep that couldn't sum up our current situation more perfectly. I give you, her latest magnum opus Absolutely Nothing Happens in this Ep!

But don't you worry, our next few eps coming down the pipeline will DEFINITELY be having stuff happen. Hunter is hard at work on a new ep, and I for one intend to see Dive's Inferno to the end!

Stick around, folks! As God as my witness, the fun's only beginninng!

-St. Diveman


Sadly our last of the twelve days of updates is again a small one. I fixed early epilogues to not being using the Zymeth Skull Man sprite for Err as Skull Man and fixed a type in an art page.

However I am planning on trying to keep up regular updates now, just not as insane as daily updates. As you've noticed most of these updates were rather small. I'm going to try to go for every week or every other week for updates and for slightly larger ones.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the 12 days of updates and your holiday. I also hope that you'll be hearing from me again soon.



Art pages updated to have some new old art that Gauntlet found for us. This led to the creation of several new art pages.



Added a couple of missing pictures to Jet's and Jade's art pages, along with fixing a couple of lines of text on Jet's.



Added an art page for Jet and put up some old artwork she did for the team. Go check it out, especially if you haven't seen any of her old work before.



Added an art page for Jet and put up some old artwork she did for the team. Go check it out, especially if you haven't seen any of her old work before.



So another small update, fixed some small things like making sure used the right sprite of a character in some early epilgoues rather than using his later appearance.

Apologize for it being later in the day than I had been going for before.



Small update and barely making it time. I have added a Who's Who to the end of the current season of epilogues so you can more easily know who are cast is.

But yeah, missed my usual try and get in after midnight but by 1 am but thankfully did not miss one of my update days.



Small update again. Apologize had a bit long of a day at work. So update is a bit short. Mostly fixing a few mistakes I made, first off messed up when uploading last time and ended up making an epilogue blank and putting a sprite on the epilogues list.

I also missed a team that is still active, Cyborg Resistance the MM9 team. So I've added them to our links.

Bonding of Two from Season 2 of the Alpha series should be fully sprited now and a few old sprites that did not have transparent backgrounds now should.

I'm going to try and get an update done early for New Year's (so will still be during the 31st when goes up most likely) to ensure get one up on time.

I'll try to make it more of an update.



Today I identified a current webhost problem, more details are on the forum. We might potentially have to move to a new domain later.

As a really minor unrelated update I added the sprites for 'Omni' for his series of epilogues from the season 2 of the Alpha series.

There is nothing more embarrassing than your old work.



Today is probably the most important update of all the updates since I've started this series of updates. I finally changed the 'Other' page to actually have content. Not much, just a few links. And fixed a small format error that Gauntlet told me about.

What? They are important and I really needed to think of more updates in advance.



Today is a bit smaller, but no less awesome, update containing once again some old stuff.

Here is the CC-related artwork of former member, Jade!



And now for the third day of Christmas, an old Holiday epilogue that I thought lost until our good friend Gauntlet found it.

Here is A Cossack Christmas Carol!

A slightly different look at Dr. Cossack than we usually did.



The second day of Christmas, and a second update. This time from Hunter.

PRESENTING "Science Warriors Evolved ! Terror of Energon" or as its prior working title from when Hunter started, 'Die Rückkehr die Panzerkons.'

Hope everyone has enjoyed or been enjoying their holidays.



Once again, thanks to Gauntlet for a new layout.

... Also an apology from me for not updating in a while.

So as an apology, I am going to try to update for the 12 Days of Christmas (December 25th to January 6th).

Now I don't know how well this will work since I don't have 12 updates planned yet, but let us see how that works.

To start, here is The Gulag Job by AM.

And also, Happy Holiday from all of us here at CC!



Again, MUCHOS thanks to Gauntlet for this awesome new layout, on behalf of the entire team!  But his contributions didn't end there, as he was able to unearth some of our long thought lost, older epilogue stories as well. So now our "alpha seasons" section is MOSTLY complete.~



Yo, all. Welcome to yet another update for the Mechanical Maniacs, the one and only Megaman 3 team!

Wait, no. That's not right.

Welcome to the redesigned Cossack's Comrades! The one and only Megaman 4 team! What am I doing here you ask? Well, I run the Mechs, the S6, host Annihilation, and keep the X-Force archives, so I figured I'd add Cossack's Comrades to my team portfolio. Resistance is futile. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to my own. You will become one with the Mechanical Maniacs. You will all become one with the Mechanical Maniacs. Look out, Cyborg Resistance. You just might be next.

Ok, not really. I'm just here to help get CC off to a better start with an all-new layout. The CC don't really have a coding expert on their team, so I was happy to help and I'm glad they let me and liked what I did. So, onwards Cossack's Comrades! Nothing's stopping you now! Except real life obligations. I guess.



I can't believe more than half of the links in previous posts I never fixed from when I reformatted the site slightly... What is wrong with me?

Anyways this week we have a new epilogue by Hunter available here.

Also you will find two new Cantos of Dive Man's Inferno up here!

And as usual sorry for the lack of updates on my part



Sorry for lack of updates. I have fixed a few link issues with old sprites and profiles

Also a new epilogue that I wrote, that you can check out here.



Another update. Interested in how Geoff found religion? The first two chapters of Dive Man's Inferno are available here!

Please let me know if there are any issues that didn't used to exist.



I know it doesn't look any different, but I did a major change to the site's code.

Please let me know if there are any issues that didn't used to exist.



All epilogues up and sprited including new ones for our revival.

Check out the new team as we rise from the ashes here in a new epilogue written and edited by almost the entire team.

And when you are done meet an old foe given a new twist here in an epilogue by Avi called Meet Your New Daddy.

Also the new profiles should be up as well. Take a look at them if you have the chance.



Hello, Sean again. I have through season 2 of the original run and part of season 3 done now..

Sorry for lateness.



Hello, Sean here. Website should be up with bunch of old epilogues and some of my sprites.

Please excuse the simplicity of the current design and the not yet filled in areas.